October 17-19, 2013


Savudrija, Croatia (Istria region)

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Boundaries are found throughout biology and their formation was important in the evolution of cells, eukaryotes and multicellular organisms. In order to explore the topic of boundaries in different biological contexts, Cell Press, Days of Molecular Medicine Global Foundation, and Fondation IPSEN are pleased to announce the 2013 Exciting Biologies meeting, “Biology of Boundaries”. The meeting aims to explore the roles of boundaries in organisms and cells. This will be achieved by bringing together scientists working on a variety of model organisms and using diverse experimental approaches to explore boundaries. Topics include how such barriers are built, whether it be during early development or in the cell, how communication occurs across boundaries, and how barriers are broken, for example in the breaching of boundaries by pathogens. By exploring such diverse biological contexts, we hope to reveal common principles, as well as fundamental differences, between boundaries.

Confirmed Speakers

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Michael Levine, University of California, Berkeley, USA
David Artis, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Alexander Betz, MRC LMB, University of Cambridge, UK
Vivian Budnik, University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA
Joanne Chory, Salk Institute, USA
Gillian Griffiths, CIMR, University of Cambridge, UK
Alistair Hetherington, University of Bristol, UK
Benjamin Margolis, University of Michigan, USA
Paul Martin, University of Bristol, UK
Aaron Mitchell, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Max Nachury, Stanford University, USA
Karen Oegema, University of California San Diego, USA
Olivier Pourquié, Université de Strasbourg, France
Anne Ridley, Kings College, London, UK
Maya Schuldiner, Weizmann Institute, Israel
Micha Spira, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Anne Simonsen, University of Oslo, Norway
Dan Tracey, Duke University, USA
Patricia Zambryski , University of California, Berkeley, USA

EB 2013 Organizers:
IPSEN Fondation
DMM Global Foundation
Cell Press organizers:
Anne Knowlton, Associate Editor, Current Biology and Developmental Cell
Sabbi Lall, Deputy Editor, Cell Reports